An SNU Student’s Winter Weather Guide and Checklist

An SNU Student’s Winter Weather Guide and Checklist

At the start of the week on October 26, Central Oklahoma saw its first ice storm to kick off the cooler weather. Although the icy trees and cool, brisk air are always inviting during this time of year, weather like this can have some serious implications that we all should take note of, especially for out of state students accustomed to a different climate back home. 

As we saw last week, ice storms are no joke. Many students and staff around the OKC area were left without power for days and were unsure when light and heat would be restored. SNU was granted a mini-fall break during this icy scare, but like many other students across campus, I’ve never seen anything like this. 

So, in preparation for another ice-over or just unpredictable Oklahoma weather, I’ve provided a guide with some tips to help anyone unsure of how to survive during the winter months. 

  1. If you need to travel during extreme winter weather, keep items like these in your car for if you break down of if you must wait for a storm to pass:
    • blankets 
    • extra clothes
    • flashlight and extra batteries 
    • high calorie, nonperishable food
    • windshield scraper
    • jumper cables
    • reusable water bottle 
    • waterproof matches and hand warmers 
    • portable chargers 
  2. If you must drive on slick or covered roads, follow these rules of thumb for safe driving:
    • make sure tires have adequate tread
    • reduce speed
    • fill up your gas tank ahead of time
    • allow more time to slow down and stop
    • allow more space between you and other cars 
    • use headlights to ensure you are visible on the road
  3. Dress to impress! Make sure you have these appropriate clothing items for the cold:
    • snow or rain boots
    • jackets and coats
    • rain jacket
    • layering tees
    • warm sweaters 
    • beanies and gloves
    • thick socks 
    • thick pants and tights
  4. Be prepared for a power outage and keep this in mind:
    • check-in with neighboring houses or buildings to see if they have power
    • call your local power company and report the outage
    • have plenty of candles on hand as well as a lighter or matches
    • refrain from opening the fridge or freezer to preserve food
    • have a backup kit with extra food and water
  5. Here are a couple of extra helpful tips that can make your winter experience more bearable
    • pay attention to weather reports and warnings in your area 
    • sign up for your community’s warning system to receive alerts
    • for those out of state, speak with a local or someone who knows how to deal with inclement weather in the area 

For those of us from Houston, California, Arizona, and Hawaii, ice storms and other crazy winter weather are not common knowledge. Luckily, this recent ice storm was a great wake up call for us to prepare ourselves for what’s to come in the next couple of colder months. Stay safe, warm, and use this guide if another mysterious weather craze decides to pay Oklahoma another visit