BFC College Group: A Place of Connectedness and Belonging

BFC College Group: A Place of Connectedness and Belonging

Are you looking for a night in the middle of your week to take a break from your busy, stressful schedule and just relax and be refreshed? If you are, you should definitely check out Bethany First Church (BFC) College “Late Nights.” BFC College happens every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. in BFC’s Family Life Center, which is located behind the sanctuary. 

Every week, many college students gather together to enjoy a night of worship and fellowship with each other. Meeting together with other college students to worship Jesus and be filled with encouragement is so important for our spiritual journey as college students. It is also important to learn and hear from those who can mentor us, and BFC College is a great place to do that. The night begins with a time of worship and great music, followed by an encouraging and inspiring message. 

After the service, students move to the Rec Room to hang out with other college students and enjoy good food, such as pizza, fruit and desserts. Students enjoy playing basketball, carpetball or just hanging out with friends and meeting new people. In addition, there are special events that take place throughout the year, including pool parties. 

Abby Tardibono, a freshman at Southern Nazarene University (SNU), enjoys attending BFC College every week. She said that her favorite part of the night is getting to talk with everyone after the service. She would definitely recommend BFC College to others because, she said, “It’s a great community and it’s always a good pick-me-up in the middle of the week.” She agrees that BFC College has also helped her spiritual journey. She said, “I think being in a group with people my age and older makes me more spiritually mature.” 

Brixton Schmitt, another freshman at SNU, also attends BFC College regularly. He loves Pastor Timmy’s messages. He said, “They always hit home. He brings it with passion and keeps it very real.” He would recommend BFC College to others because of how inclusive it is. BFC is incredible at getting people involved and making them feel loved. “After the service, I don’t want to leave because of how fun it is to hang out and do fellowship with everyone,” said Schmitt. 

Schmitt also said that it has helped his spiritual journey by being “that little boost I need every week to get me through. I realize how much I truly need the Lord in my everyday life, and what better way to get me that than by going to church? It keeps me locked in.” You will leave feeling refreshed and encouraged every single week! 

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(Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash)