Roller Rag 2020

This past weekend, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) students enjoyed skating the night away at Roller Rag. This event took place on Friday, Jan. 17, at Skate Galaxy. The theme was all about the decades, so students were encouraged to dress up using styles from their favorite decade. There was a wide variety of decades represented, such as the “groovy” 70s and “funky” 80s. 

The event kicked off at 10 p.m. and lasted until 12 a.m.. Students enjoyed roller skating around the rink, and some even participated in games, competitions and races. There was also a photo booth set up and several snacks. Many SNU students have said that Roller Rag is their favorite event of the semester. You may be wondering, “Why?” 

Well, it is a great way to kick off the semester, hang out with friends, relax and have fun! This event is fun for everyone, whether you consider yourself to be an experienced skater or not. You do not have to have years of experience to enjoy this event. It is all about making memories. 

Emily Nana, sophomore social life representative for SGA, attended Roller Rag for the second time and loved it. She said, “I had the time of my life and wish that it lasted longer!” Her favorite part of the night was dressing up as DJ Tanner from Full House and dancing on the skating rink. She also agreed that Roller Rag is one of her favorite events, along with Heartpal, because “we can dance with each other and have fun #goodvibesonly.” 

Maggie Pigg, a freshman at SNU, enjoyed Roller Rag and dressed up as the 80s decade. She said her favorite memory of the night was “seeing the skill differences” that everyone had on the rink. She also agreed that Roller Rag was one of her favorite events that she has attended so far. She said, “It was easy to talk to people and everyone hyped it up a lot.” She said that she will definitely attend the event next year as well. 

Roller Rag was a fun, laid-back event that many SNU students attended and enjoyed. If you missed it, you can still try it out next year! Check out the other events that are coming up, such as Heartpal, which is on Feb. 7, at These events are great ways to make new friends and memories that you will never forget! 

(Photos courtesy of Kevin Stark)