Changes in Classroom Environments this Semester

Changes in Classroom Environments this Semester

Southern Nazarene University has undergone recent changes to accommodate for the needs of faculty and students during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of these major transitions has been the way classes are being taught. Instead of teaching students solely in face-to-face class environments, the university has provided the opportunity to teach and learn via zoom.

Students who are at risk or have family members with increased risk can obtain permission to attend classes via zoom. With verification from Misty Jaggers, attending classes from home has been made accessible to ensure that students can be taught by the professor in a more direct way than simply via canvas. Some faculty members on campus have begun teaching classes from their own private spaces, like Dr. Hackler, a professor in the English department. 

Although this semester has brought about unforeseen changes to our community in regards to learning, this experience can be beneficial to everyone. As Dr. Hackler puts it, “professors are going to have to keep trying new things and getting feedback and adjusting as the semester goes on, and students should see it as an opportunity and mine it for some of the advantages that it offers compared to face-to-face courses, like the class recordings.”

With the urgency of suddenly going online last semester, there wasn’t much preparation for transitioning to teaching via zoom. With more time to strategically plan how classes will be taught, courses have the opportunity to be more organized and efficient. In accordance with this preparation, SNU has announced that the grading policy for this academic year will be normal, and pass/fail grading will not be an option.

In order to make the best out of what we have been given, it is vital that everyone at SNU do their best to engage and participate in these new classroom environments. Anah Rackley, a junior English major, believes that proper “discussion would greatly improve the online learning experience.”

These unprecedented times have brought about changes in the ways we as a community interact with one another, personally and professionally. Although these circumstances might not be ideal, communicating and doing our best to persevere are two actions we can all do to continue on in this academic year.