Date Ideas Near Bethany!

Date Ideas Near Bethany!

SNU often gains more couples after August; meeting new people at college often causes new relationships to blossom. But what exactly can new couples do in Bethany, Oklahoma? With that question in mind, I asked a couple here at SNU, Molly Pettit and Camden Coughran, what they like to do for their dates in Bethany.

Given SNU is situated in a relatively small town, it is easy to think there’s not much to do with a potential romantic interest. However, all it takes is a bit of imagination!

“Bethany has a lot to offer, you just have to look for it,” says Pettit. “I think sometimes you’ve got to be the tourist in your own town. Explore places you wouldn’t usually go and make that your date.”

While most students have explored the area surrounding campus, many of the shops across the street make for great date ideas. “[You can go to] restaurants across from SNU and check out some of the smaller businesses in that area,” says Coughran. Not only are they easy and accessible, but allow for you and your significant other to support small, local businesses.

However, what if you’ve begun a new relationship and are looking for some places to get to know each other that skew a bit more private? A noisy restaurant might not always be good for conversation, and campus activities such as sporting events come with the same problem.

“I think new couples should go to Martin Nature Park,” says Pettit. “It’s free, and it’s a good time to talk and be alone to get to know each other–all while in nature. It’s really beautiful there.”

“Go and walk around Lake Hefner–not Overholser–to check out the lighthouse and some of the restaurants,” says Coughran. You can find Lake Hefner between the Expressway and Hefner Road. Many restaurants sit on Britton and Lake Hefner Parkway.

Know, however, that not all dates need to be complicated or involve traveling far. “If you have any breaks in between classes, you could go explore different coffee shops,” says Pettit. “I think that’s a good way to try new things and it’s fast!” Pettit’s own go-to date would include Qdoba and a picnic.

Of course, there exists the elephant in the room that is the inability for SNU students to allow the opposite sex in theirs. However, there are still many ways to find privacy for you and your love interest, such as during car rides or meeting one another’s families. “Yes, it makes it a little inconvenient,” says Coughran, “but it makes sense with the lifestyle covenant.”

SNU also offers an array of fantastic events to bring a date to, such as events like the Back to School Bash and Heartpal.

Happy boo season! Shoot your shot with your crush! You never know, they could have feelings back.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash