Flicks 2018

Flicks 2018

Flicks has been one of the most popular SGA events in the past, and this year should be no different. Flicks is a SNU student film festival ranging from student-made documentaries, news reports, interviews, music videos and everything in between. This year, senior Becca Cox, the Publicity Exec, is in charge of the event. Becca is most excited about a couple of the new twists that will be added to the event.

I caught up with Becca to ask her a little bit about the event, when it is and what this year has to offer. Becca replied, “So Flicks is Saturday, April 21st at 7 pm and will be a Stranger Things theme. We are trying to hold the event in an actual movie theater. Things aren’t certain, but they are certainly looking good! We thought this would allow the creators of the movies to feel a little more special seeing their creation on the big screen!”

When asking Cox what differences she hopes to bring to the event, she answered, “We are going to have a “vine” option for people to submit 6-10 second videos! These will be played throughout the show just to showcase funny creative moments that do not take as much work as a normal video. We’re hoping this will allow for more people to submit! It can be a recreation of a famous vine with a twist, a funny moment with friends or something you came up with yourself for a great 6-10 second video.”

This year will be Becca’s first time in charge of the event and her third time being part of the Publicity Council, who helps put on the event. Cox’s favorite part about all of her years working on Flicks is getting to see the creativity and talent of the students all over campus. She has also loved getting silly and creative with her friends the past three years.

On April 14th, after all the submissions are complete, the council will go through all the videos and vote on which ones will make the cut for the actual show. Then on April 21st, everyone will gather for the event to watch everyone’s work, and at the end, all the students will vote on which movie or vine they thought was the best. Every winner will receive a $100 gift card.

Submissions are due April 14th. All submissions can be emailed to snupublicity@gmail.com.