How to Stay Healthy as a Student Athlete

How to Stay Healthy as a Student Athlete

Your body is a machine, if you do not treat it like one, it will not perform well. This is very important to understand as a student-athlete. Being a college athlete really tests a person mentally and physically. It is key to keep up with both your mental and physical health if you want to be successful in the classroom as well as on the court/field. There are many ways to achieve great health, some include drinking a lot of water, getting a few workouts in a week, and fueling your body with good foods.

SNU Softball Strength Coach Whitney Linder believes being healthy is a necessity for a student-athlete and says, “Healthy food choices are crucial. I recommend high protein for muscle growth and high carb for energy. During the sports season, I recommend an athlete works out 2-3 times a week, and during the off-season, 4-5.” Choosing foods that are good for your body and having a good workout schedule will strengthen your health and help you perform better as an athlete.

SNU senior Caitlyn Curlee has played on the softball team for 4 years now. She understands the importance of being healthy as an athlete and says “It is important to stay active, even taking a 20 minute walk every day is good exercise. You should aim to drink at least a gallon of water a day and eat foods like proteins, carbs, and veggies. Staying healthy is important because it keeps you from injuries and helps you perform your best.” Caitlyn has been successful all of her years here at SNU because she came in knowing what it takes to be healthy.

One recommendation I have that focuses more on mental health is to surround yourself with positive things in your life. Finding what brings you happiness is very important when dealing with mental health. These things might include a hobby you enjoy, being around positive and loving people, or going to church and building your relationship with God. There are many great things in the world, and by surrounding yourself with goodness, you are going to be more mentally happy. Also, take time for yourself. We all need our own time to relax without other stressors.

It is hard trying to balance everything that comes with being a student-athlete. Time management is everything when it comes to balancing academics and athletics. By being an overall healthy person, you will see that the stress of being a college athlete becomes a lot more manageable.