Inexpensive Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts!

Inexpensive Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts!

Valentine’s Day is officially upon us.  For all you SNU couples, that means its time to exchange those extremely personal, meaningful, well thought out gifts, right? Well if that is you, congratulations on being great boyfriends/girlfriends!  But, if you are riding the procrastination train and still haven’t found that perfect gift for your special girl or guy, here are some of the best, last-minute gift ideas that’ll be sure to leave your Valentine smiling until the next holiday.  

First off, let me just say that when it comes to quick and easy ideas for any present, Pinterest should be your first stop.  They have countless, great DIY ideas that are cheap and super easy for anyone. Here are some of the best gift ideas that can be done in a day and can be found with full instructions on Pinterest:

Valentine’s day is quite possibly the cheesiest holiday, so why not make your gift fit the occasion? Here’s a very heartfelt (and inexpensive) gift that’ll show your person how much you care.

For this present, you can use a box, jar, or any other container on hand.  Simply write out your favorite memories with your gal or guy and pile them in.  If you run out of memories, add in what you love about them, inside jokes, doodles, or what you are looking forward to doing with them someday.  

We all know Valentine’s Day is secretly an excuse to eat ALL the candy.  To help with that goal, here’s a classic gift with a personalized twist on it.

For this easy gift, make a quick trip to Walgreens and pick up your Valentine’s favorite candy.  Then, draw or type out some corny candy puns to go with each one and voilà– a sweet gift for your sweetheart!

For this project, you’ll need a small box, cardboard paper, glue or tape, and your favorite pictures of your boo and you. To add an extra personalized touch, you can write messages or captions on the borders of each picture.  

If you missed out on making a reservation at some fancy restaurant, bring the fine-dining to you with this next gift.  

Grab a couple pillows, a blanket, order a pizza and surprise your loved one with an at-home date night.  Hang or lay Christmas lights out to add an extra special feel to the evening. You can also set up your TV or laptop with your favorite movies for an easy addition to your night. This is probably the most complicated gift, but extra points for effort!

Do one of these or combine them all! Use Pinterest to find pictures and DIY lists that are right for you; your Valentine is sure to love anything. No matter the gift you give or receive, make sure to tell your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day!

(Photo by Miroslava on Unsplash)