Junior Candidates for the Class of 2017

Junior Candidates for the Class of 2017


Shelby ReustShelby Ruest

Hey (almost) juniors! My name is Shelby Reust, and I am running for YOUR class president. My hope as president would be that I would have a better opportunity to invest in the lives of others on campus and make YOUR time here at SNU more enjoyable. Because of Christ, there is a common bond in our SNU family that bridges the different campus groups, activities and individual students. I think SGA is a great way to help others engage in this Christ-centered community. I really hope to be a part of that! VOTE SHELBY!


Aaron HardingAaron Harding






Dannah Jo WhiteDannah Jo White






Campus Communications

Jordan Babcock

Hi, I’m Jordan Babcock. I’m a graphic design major, and I’m running for Publicity council. I have been involved in leadership on campus ever since I got here. My experience includes SGA freshman year, Remedy last summer, Resident Advisor this year, and Remedy again this summer. Next year I want to be in SGA again. So, why should you pick me? I have done the job before, and I have had even more leadership and design experience since then. If that didn’t convince you, remember that nobody else ran against me… So, vote for Jordan Babcock, because it makes sense.


Athletic Relations

Sam SmithSamantha Smith

My name is Samantha Smith, and I am majoring math education with a minor in ministry. I also have started for softball the last two years at SNU. I am an athlete so I know how important it is to have a good support base at sporting events. However, I have also been an NSI mentor and FCA leader. I like to be involved in several events and organizations on campus. I can relate to both athletes and non-athletes and make sporting events fun for everyone. Athletes need more fans, and fans need to be better informed about the games.


Austin JonesAustin Jones

Hey guys, i’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have a huge heart for sports and a huge heart for school spirit. If I get elected for this position, I promise to bring a level of school spirit to SNU that people have never seen.  I want people to look forward to going to athletic events and supporting our athletes.  I truly believe that loud student sections and rowdy fans can be some of the most memorable things in a student’s college career.  I want to thank all the students for being the real MVPs and giving me the courage  to run for this position.



Social Life

Kelsi HolcombKelsi Holcomb

I want to be your class representative for social life, because I want YOU to feel like you have someone who will put your ideas into an event. I have always loved people and socializing. I want to hear all your opinions and ideas about past events or upcoming events. College is about experiences you won’t forget with great friends. I want these events to be about you and making your experiences the best they can be. I hope you all will let me be your voice for next year. I have been socializing since 1994, and I’m not stopping now.


Campus Ministries

Andrea CastanedaAndrea Castaneda