Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to worship God and grow in your relationship with him, while also earning an extra chapel credit in the process. Thursday nights at 9 pm students gather to engage in a time of student-led prayer and worship. Students would come up on stage and tell their stories and experiences, share the word of God, as well as lift their voices in songs of praise. This past Thursday however, was a special version of Kingdom Come.

Without a speaker to give a sermon, the student band played songs of worship separated by readings from the Gospel of Matthew from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This is a story of how Jesus preached about the Beatitudes and those who were granted entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, as well as where he taught us to pray the Lord’s prayer. 

The voices of the band, and students alike, had the walls of Cantrell Hall echoing the harmonious praises to God. To an extent, that gave me goosebumps just by hearing the mesmerizing sound. To some in attendance, the different format was an enjoyable and pleasant change.

Senior, Robert Combs, was in attendance this past Thursday evening in the auditorium of Cantrell Hall, as he was excited to see more involvement from the student band. “It was a peaceful moment, where the band and students were in unison,” said Combs. “It was a change of pace from a normal chapel, and that’s why I enjoyed this evening.”

Of the possible Christian Formation credit opportunities on campus, Chapel and Kingdom Come are the two most visited by students. Although they are similar in their overall purpose, their methods of doing so are different, but enjoyable nonetheless. In chapel we see guest speakers come from far and wide to tell us their stories and preach the gospel to us. Whereas in Kingdom Come, we get to hear from our fellow students about their own stories. This is the deciding factor for some students who prefer Kingdom Come to Chapel. 

Junior Politics and Law Major, Paydon Spencer, speaks on why he enjoys his time at Kingdom Come. “I love how it is student-led,” said Spencer. “It is people that we know and have relationships with that are telling their stories of how they found God. It gives us something that we other students can relate to.”

Overall, Kingdom Come is more than just an extra chapel credit. To many, it is an opportunity for worship and fellowship with the fellow students alongside another opportunity to praise God. We hope to see you there next Thursday Night!

Photo by: Aaron Bacewicz