Meet Your New 2017-2018 SGA Execs

Meet Your New 2017-2018 SGA Execs

So you elected new student government executives, but how well do you really know these people? I mean, these people are going to be in charge of all the fun activities on campus for an entire year, so you might want to take the time and get to know them. It might be all the difference to you having a great time at SNU or not. Why would you not want to have a fun year? That doesn’t make any sense.

Remember, these people are placed into executive positions to serve YOU. So why not introduce yourself so they can know you (and better serve you).

Raul Caballeros, President: Raul is a sophomore nursing major from Edmond, Okla. Raul shared his excitement for this next year. He mentioned he observed the leadership of Jaci and, before her, Mandie and wants to imitate the foundation these presidents have laid out for him. He wishes to see SNU grow and improve. He is proud of the way the SNU community has come together to support Carson in his journey to recovery and wishes to see this type of tight knit community in all things pertaining to SNU. Raul mentioned, “because SNU is so small, we see the same people five times a day. Next time you see them, stop and start a conversation with them. Be friendlier to others.” Raul is a professed movie lover and loves to find new local places to eat; therefore, go watch a movie or grab a bite to eat with your new president. He is eager to meet you.


Sam Smith, Athletic Relations: Sam, your reigning Homecoming Queen and a super senior next year, is a math education major with a minor in ministry and is from Skiatook, Okla. Sam is your current athletic relations executive and is stepping into this role for a second time next year. “Athletic relations has never had annual events. Since I am here for the second year in a row, I am excited to start some recurring events for the student body.” Her freshman and sophomore year she noticed the softball team wouldn’t go to SGA events and realized this attitude needed to change. Sam argues that being in college at SNU should be more than just participating in a sport; it’s also about growing in community and spiritually. She knows we can’t control the outcome of a game, but we can control the amount of student support for our hard working athletes. If you think Sam is only tough and nails, you might be surprised to find out she collects Build-A-Bears. She has almost 20, and they all have their own names (of course)!


Kristian Stitt, Campus Ministries:  Kristian is a junior physical education major from Dover, Okla. Kristian has big plans for next year. He is hoping to start individual ministries, such as girls and guys ministries, and wants to plan spontaneous events like cookouts, camping trips and volunteering with a homeless ministry downtown. He has a burning passion to share Christ with others, and he hopes this position will help ignite that spark in others. He sees a problem on campus in student’s “willingness to put themselves out there and to push their faith out of their comfort zone. Our campus needs to be united and to be stronger and to do that we need to push ourselves in our faith.” If you didn’t know, Kristian grew up on a farm and loves to go hunting and fishing.


Baylor Redwine, Office Administrator: Baylor is a sophomore culture and communication studies major from Oklahoma City. Baylor is excited to be involved and to help create a place for others to be involved and to find community. She sees that students tend to not make the most out of their college experience after their freshman year. She urges the student body to be consistently involved and invested because time on campus is limited. She is encouraged to find her team, besides Sam, are all first-time executives. “I think that there will be lots of excitement. They all are great and passionate; they care about others and love SNU.” Baylor is thrilled for this new position and is ready to paaaaaaaaarty (insert Kristen Wiig gif here). You might not know this by looking at her chic style, but Baylor is actually sporty too! She loves playing golf and played basketball all throughout high school.


Cheyenne Reynolds, Social Life: Cheyenne is a junior sports broadcasting major from sunny San Diego, Calif. She is looking forward to using her position to be more inclusive and to expand the amount of people involved in SGA activities. She knows there are many people on campus who feel left behind or alone, and she has a mission to fix it. Cheyenne is a transfer student, and her first SGA event was Howdy Homecoming. Ever since this first event, she has loved being involved with everything about SNU. She yearns for others to feel the inclusion and acceptance she has felt. Cheyenne understands people at SNU are looking for a place to belong, but what ends up happening is cliques start to form. “Our campus doesn’t have a problem with accepting others, but we have a problem of digging deeper with others.” I urge everyone to get to know the bundle of joy that is Cheyenne and hear her passion. You won’t be disappointed. Also, did you know that Cheyenne has a background in theater and loves musicals? Well, she does!


Becca Cox, Publicity: Becca is a junior graphic design major from Bethany, Okla. She has great goals this year to revamp SGA with a focus on being a servant. She is looking forward to putting herself in possibly uncomfortable situations to help grow SGA and the SNU community. She sees her role as a combination of all the things she loves: serving others, event planning, graphic design and being with people. She feels a call to help push others outside of their comfort zone and to get out of the clique mentality. “SGA would be better if different people could merge together to be involved and to help the greater goal, which is to be a uplifting Christian community,” she said. Becca is excited for her team next year and sees they all have many talents and abilities, but what sets these people apart is their hearts and passion for growing the SNU community. Something that might not surprise you is that Becca loves Kristen Wiig and would say Wig is her favorite actress. Is it a coincidence that Kristen Wiig has been in this article twice? No. This lady is God’s gift to comedy.


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Mady Martin, Staff Writer
Mady Martin is a Senior Business and Behavioral Science Multidisciplinary major from the “Bethany Bubble.” She studied in Vienna this past semester which explains why freshmen don’t know who she is and she doesn’t know who they are either. She likes Lemonade, both the drink and the Beyoncé visual album.