Mission Opportunities at SNU

Mission Opportunities at SNU

This past week at SNU was GO week. GO week is when students can learn about opportunities where they can serve in missions for the 2017-2018 school year. SNU believes it is important for each student to be in service and to branch out to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Each season of the year has a trip that may be taking off so you can get involved based on your availability.

The first mission opportunity this year is Commission 2 Mexico. Com2Mex is sponsored by Professor Eileen Ruger and it is a trip that leaves December 27th of this year.

“Com2Mex is a mission trip geared around making relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ in churches in Mexico,” stated Eileen. If you are interested in doing basic construction, helping with neighborhood improvements, leading a VBS, working in a mobile medical unit or just participating in outreach, this is the trip for you!

The trip begins in McAllen, Texas where the group will meet and then take buses down to Monterrey. If you are interested in this trip, but unsure about funds, SNU students may be eligible for a $150 scholarship. Anyone is able to be on this trip, so invite your friends and your family.

The second opportunity is SIMS, or SNU In Missions. These trips occur over the summer of 2018, and there are twelve different trips listed.

Some of these trips include: Haiti, Swaziland and Ireland. Each trip focuses on a different type of outreach based on what the churches in that area need.

Usually, SIMS trips include a type of outreach and then they will either include a sports camp, a VBS or a medical unit. Since these trips are international, they range in price from $2,000-3,000 depending on where the trip is. Students are encouraged to fill out an application and complete an interview to see where they fit on these teams. Planning begins in November when you can meet your team and begin preparing for the summer ahead!

The awesome thing about these two opportunities is that they do occur yearly. If this year isn’t your year, don’t be discouraged to try again next year!

For any additional information about Com2Mex or SIMS, email Eileen Ruger at eruger@mail.snu.edu or Pastor Liliana Reza at lreza@mail.snu.edu.

[author image=”http://echo.snu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/IMG_4213.jpg”]Courtney McDaniel, Staff Writer 

Courtney is junior majoring in Nursing. Courtney grew up as a Navy brat but now her family currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is apart of the SNU Speak House on campus that works with an non-profit to end sex-trafficking in Oklahoma City. Courtney loves listening to some Judah & The Lion, going to hit some dingers at the batting cages, and hanging out with people. She hopes to be a Nurse in the US Navy after graduation and to continue serving others through her profession. [/author]