Off-Campus Studying: OKC Coffee Shops

Off-Campus Studying: OKC Coffee Shops

There is just something about coffee shops that makes studying and doing homework better. Most Southern Nazarene University (SNU) students could agree with that. The library coffee shop is convenient and easy, but sometimes it is nice to get off campus to study, either with friends or by yourself. There are so many different coffee shops to explore around Oklahoma City, but the question is, which coffee shops are the best to study at? Which coffee shops have the best study environment? Of course, another big question is which coffee shops have the best coffee?

Some of the most popular coffee shops that students seem to enjoy are Higher Grounds, Stella Nova, Serve, Aloha, Elemental Coffee, Coffee Slingers Roasters, Eôté Coffee and Cuppies and Joe. However, there are so many more that go unmentioned. These are all local coffee shops that are popular, but students also like Starbucks as well. Each coffee shop is unique and has something different to enjoy about it. It just depends on your preferences.

Factors to consider when choosing a coffee shop for doing homework are the price, the location, the service, the environment and how busy it is. Serve and Aloha are nice because they are very close to campus, and they are not usually very busy. Higher Grounds and Stella Nova are not as close to campus, but they are very popular study spots among SNU students. Other shops, such as Elemental Coffee, Coffee Slingers Roasters and Eôté Coffee are very unique and fun to visit even though they are far from campus. 

Valerie Moutinho, a freshman at SNU, enjoys visiting coffee shops to study and do homework. She said, “I tend to focus better and be more productive outside of my normal spaces.” She said that Woodshed, Eôté and Higher Grounds all have the best coffee and study environments. Students also have different preferences about working with others at coffee shops. Valerie said, “I prefer to go by myself when I need to be productive and with others when I don’t have as much to get done.” 

Macie Nanzte, freshman SGA President, has a different perspective on studying at coffee shops. She said, “I do like visiting coffee shops but not to do homework because coffee shops are so fun and distracting.” She said that her favorite coffee is from Eôté, Slingers or Starbucks. She also said, “Eôté has the best study environment… Higher Grounds has a great atmosphere where most people like to study, so I usually go there to see all the people that are studying.” She said that she definitely prefers to study with friends if she does study at a coffee shop. 

Hopefully, these reviews helped you understand more about coffee shops around Oklahoma City. Now you have a little more information when trying to decide on a coffee shop to visit when studying. Each one is unique and different, so it depends on what you prefer!

(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)