Unusual websites to pass the time: procrastination at its finest

By Kira Roberts We all spend too much time on the Internet. But sometimes it’s relaxing to just zone out and explore what’s out there. Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest (all some of my favorites), but here are a few other sites for you to check out. Whether you are procrastinating homework, can’t sleep, or are trying to find ... Read More »

Faith and Film offers chance to engage movies, think critically

By Matthew Wellman, staff writer Faith and Film is an event that has been going on at SNU for several years. This fall, they have showed Warrior and The Way and will be showing. The Hunger Games on November 15th. There is a committee who selects films to show to students that relate to Christianity in some way.  Spiritual Development’s ... Read More »

Baseball team adapting to NCAA rules on practices

Matthew Wellman, staff writer The switch to NCAA from NAIA has not only affected the fall sports, but has already affected winter and spring sports. Offseason schedules for every sport have been very different, including less practice time and workout time. The baseball team has had much less practice this fall than in years past when SNU was a member ... Read More »

SNU musical “Into the Woods” prepares to dive into our hearts

By Kendra Nixon The Music Department refuses to go unnoticed during this year’s homecoming week. Their performance of the musical Into the Woods has been planned out and practiced to the tee over the past weeks, and they are prepared to impress their audience. Audra Faust, the director of the musical, has organized everything from music rehearsals to characterization to ... Read More »

As I see it: perspective, meaning, and a digital camera

By Patty Juliuson, columnist Have you ever looked at your surroundings through the bottom of a glass? Everything is distorted and sort of fuzzy. You might be able to make out a few features of the place, but if you tried to use only that view to describe the scene, the details would be inaccurate or incomplete. The same thing ... Read More »

Students balance class, work, social life, and marriage

By Brad Crofford It’s often been joked that college students can only choose two of the following three things: sleep, a social life and good grades. Some students balance an extra thing: marriage. This is the first article in a two-part feature about married student life at SNU. One of the challenges of being married while in school is trying ... Read More »

Fall Revival week features pastor and former chaplain Dee Kelley

By Amy Lauver, staff writer Fall Revival took place this past week giving students the opportunity to receive extra chapel credits, but more importantly come closer to God. The guest speaker for this year was Dee Kelley, current lead pastor at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene and a former chaplain at SNU. Dee Kelley was asked to speak ... Read More »

The Echo 11.2.12

Click here to download this week’s issue of The Echo as a PDF. Click the image below to view instantly. Open publication – Free publishing – More snu Read More »

Super seniors use time to take interesting classes, make new friends

By Ashleigh Buchanan Victory Lap. Five year plan. Super Senior. These are just a few terms used to describe students who take five years to complete their college education. Whether it’s changing a student’s major, sports eligibility or just being behind in classes, many students find themselves facing an extra semester or two after their fourth year of college to ... Read More »

Women’s soccer team advances to regionals

By Matthew Wellman The SNU women’s soccer team clinched their spot in the NCCAA Regional Tournament in with their win on Sunday against NWOSU. They are 9-6-1 on the season and will close out their regular season play at East Central this Friday. The team had a few kinks to work out early on in the season before going on ... Read More »