The Echo 10.26.12

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New course lets students play disc golf on campus

By Amy Lauver Many of you have probably noticed the new disc golf course on campus. We interviewed the man behind it all, Anthony Puryear, the resident director of Snowbarger Hall and an avid disc golfer himself. The Echo: We know you like to play disc golf, but why disc golf? What do you love about it? Anthony Puryear: It’s ... Read More »

Phase one of the Campaign For the Sciences successfully funded

By Ashleigh Buchanan, Staff Writer Current and future science majors have a lot to be excited about. The Campaign for the Sciences has been in full swing since January, and they have met their first goal of $5.5 million through funds and commitments by generous individual donors as well as private foundations and corporations. This $5.5 million was needed in ... Read More »

Global Vision Week to inform students on study abroad, mission trips

By Ronna Fisher, Assistant Editor The week of October 15th will bring the fourth annual Global Vision Week (GVW) at SNU. Jason Hubbert, associate in Spiritual Development, created Global Vision Week in 2008. The goals of GVW were three-fold: to increase awareness, expectations and participation in study abroad programs and mission trip opportunities. “I believe in an increasingly global society. ... Read More »

University “actively moving forward” with impending lawsuit against government

By Brad Crofford While the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act’s individual mandate earlier this year, another component that would require insurance coverage of controversial contraceptive drugs has institutions with religious ties going to court. Hobby Lobby has already filed suit and SNU president Dr. Loren Gresham told The Echo  that SNU and other Christian schools in Oklahoma ... Read More »

The Echo 10.12.12

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As I see it: You reap what you sow

By Patty Juliuson Fall is a wonderful time of year. The searing days of summer are finally past, and the softening sunlight and crisp air shoot a tingle of anticipation into even the most fatigued heart. It’s sweater weather and soup for dinner with the holidays just around the corner. And you know what that means- PRESENTS! I love presents… ... Read More »

Homecoming Court announced

The Homecoming Court this year includes: Boys Zach Bond Trey Cloud Ben Glidden Jake O’Bannon Eric Smith Girls Bekah Barkocy Amy Longnecker Kara Pirog McKenzie Redwine Brooke Williams Homecoming court elections were held on Tuesday, October 9 from noon to 7 pm. The winners were announced by Marian Redwine late on Tuesday evening via email. Read More »

Top five things to do in OKC over fall break

By Ronna Fisher The pace of your classes may be picking up or the general bubbly, excitement that may come with the beginning of a new semester may starting to fizzle out . . . either way, fall break is just around the corner. For many, fall break is a chance to go home, take a road trip, or go ... Read More »

Meet the SNL Emcees

Southern Nazarene Live brings together students with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills for an entertaining evening. Meet the emcees below: TYLER COPELAND From: Edmond, Oklahoma Major: Psychology What is a weird or unique talent you have? I can eat an entire watermelon in one sitting. Why do you think you were chosen to emcee? I think I was ... Read More »

Professor honored for bringing over $10 million in grants to SNU

By Brad Crofford Dr. Gwen Ladd Hackler was awarded a trip to the UK for two as a token of appreciation for the over ten million dollars in grants she has written for the university during a reception in the Hearth Room on October 3. The reception celebrated the continued funding of SNU’s McNair Scholars Program and Hackler’s contributions to ... Read More »

Jake’s Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are

By Jake “The Movie Guy” O’Bannon Let’s see if you all are anything like me. First, do you ever have times where you watch a movie and think to yourself, “Wow, I really hated that,” but then you walk away thinking, “Wait, I think I missed something. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought?” Second: Do you ever go ... Read More »