Women’s Volleyball at the Point Loma Seaside Preseason Tournament 

Women’s Volleyball at the Point Loma Seaside Preseason Tournament 

The Southern Nazarene University (SNU) volleyball team got a chance to compete at the Point Loma Seaside preseason tournament in California. As they keep making great results for our school, this tournament helped them to gain more experience, get to know each other better and come back more than ready to shine throughout the season. 

Baliee Turang, a volleyball player at SNU, said it was an awesome feeling to be able to compete in California. She saw it as an incredible opportunity to play teams that they had never played before, which meant playing different games than they are used to. Bailee Turang spiking the ball

The whole team wanted to win as many games as possible throughout this preseason tournament and get better every game. Bailee says, “We achieved both of our goals so far, as we ended with the best record in the tournament going 3-1.” She believes they have learned so many things about the team and about each other during this trip. 

Baliee believes that this team has a lot of potential to do very well this year. They have been working really hard on and off the court, trying to get better during every practice. She says, “We have a good shot at winning conference this year.”

However, the main goal for the season is to get better every single day, whether mentally or physically. She believes that if they get better every single day, they will definitely be unstoppable. They strive to be disciplined in everything they do, so they can be the team on top.

(Cover photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash, text photo by Jhonathan Dunn)