Service Opportunities for Students

Service Opportunities for Students

As students return to campus and begin to get used to life in Bethany, Oklahoma once again, it can be difficult to think beyond the borders of our campus. But as we return to the community that houses and cares for us, it is more important than ever to give back to those within it. Whether it is for the sentiment of doing service and being light to those who need it, or perhaps needing service hours for a class grade, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities within the Oklahoma City metro area.

There are numerous organizations to choose from within the Bethany region, and many cater to different interests and callings. 

Interested in animal care? Look into: Best Friends of Pets, Edmond Animal Services, Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, Midwest Animal Welfare, and Second Chance Animal Sanctuary. 

For those wanting to take care of our brothers and sisters in situations of food insecurity, there is: Mission 405, Reaching Our City, Britvil Community Food Pantry, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and Feed the Children. 

For those wanting to help people in a broader sense, there are organizations such as: Homeless Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, City Rescue Mission, Jesus House OKC, Dress for Success, and Positive Tomorrows.

Want to help in a creative but helpful outlet? Organizations such as Oklahomans for the Arts, Martin Park Nature Center, and Will Rogers Horticulture Gardens would be a great fit.

Students of SNU are called to live as servants, reminders of this calling being plastered upon everything from walls to soap dispensers on campus. And thus, it is good to know where to start. These organizations are ways in which those looking to help the community of Bethany, Oklahoma can do so.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash