SNU Says Goodbye To Five Faculty Members This Year

SNU Says Goodbye To Five Faculty Members This Year

This year, five members of SNU’s teaching faculty will be retiring. Dr. Poteet and Dr. Mills will retire in December, while Dr. Cauthron, Dr. Dunnington and Dr Reighard will retire in May.

Dr. Peggy Poteet received her bachelor’s degree from Northwest Nazarene University before receiving her master’s at California State College at Los Angeles. She continued her education by receiving her doctorate from the University of Oklahoma. She taught at Southern Nazarene University (then Bethany Nazarene College) from 1974 to 1980 and then from 1988 to today..

Professor Broyles described Dr. Poteet as supportive and encouraging. “She was always somebody who would listen to you and have your back,” she said.

Dr. Poteet says she is looking forward to spending more time with her two grandchildren after she retires. Both her and her husband plan on moving to the Kansas City area to be close to them.

Dr. Hal Cauthron received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bethany Nazarene College and then his doctorate at Vanderbilt University. Before coming to Southern Nazarene University in 1995, he worked as a faculty member at Trevecca Nazarene University, the rector at the Nazarene Theological College in the Republic of South Africa, and the Academic Dean of the Nazarene Bible College in Swaziland.

“[He] truly embodied the wisdom and leadership of an elder in the church,” said Dr. Forsberg, a colleague of Dr. Cauthron. “His wisdom and insight into Scripture and how the truth contained therein is to be applied in everyday living always inspired those he served and taught.”

While Dr. Cauthorn has enjoyed getting to know students, he also treasures interviewing each prospective new faculty member who applies for a teaching position at SNU. “It is so good to tell prospective faculty that SNU’s current faculty are still committed to the kind of formative educational experience I had in the 1960s,” he said.

Dr. Don Dunnington graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Olivet Nazarene University before earning his master’s degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary, and afterwards earning his doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He began serving as the vice-president for Academic Affairs at SNU in 1991 before moving into full-time teaching in 2006.

Dr. Forsberg, on Dr. Dunnington, said, “In the classroom and in all encounters with Don, his sincerity in the pursuit of truth and the Holy God we serve is contagious.”

After retiring, Dr. Dunnington hopes to spend more time with his three sons and their families.

Dr. Larry Mills graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Southern Nazarene University then continued to earn his master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Oklahoma. He has been employed by SNU since 1969.

Dr. Mills’ colleagues think highly of him. “He is focused on serving Christ and serving students,” said Professor Brent LaVigne. Professor David O’Bannon expressed that “[Dr. Mills] has been, and will continue to be a mentor to hundreds of business men and women across our country.”

Dr. Mark Reighard received his bachelor’s degree in music education in 1969 and began teaching that year. He has since earned his master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Reighard expressed that teaching at SNU has been a dream job for him. He continued by explaining the most rewarding aspect of his position is teaching numerous students. “How many professions do you know that have a whole set of new faces attending your respective business (or college) every year?” he said.

Other professors in the school of music think highly of Dr. Reighard. Professor Ambrosini said that he “makes every student, faculty member and staff member on campus feel welcome, honored and special.”

When his time at SNU has concluded, Dr. Reighard wants to spend time with his wife and granddaughter as well as to continue cycling.

It is evident that these five servants have poured into the lives of countless SNU students and will be greatly missed.  SNU will have a difficult time replacing them.

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