Spiritual Life Offers New Student Led Experience: Kerygma

Spiritual Life Offers New Student Led Experience: Kerygma

One of the best ways to connect with God and others is gathering together to worship. There are many different opportunities that Southern Nazarene University has to offer, but this year there is a new addition! Kerygma is a new worship service that happens every other Thursday at 9 PM, alternating with Kingdom Come. This year, both Kerygma and Kingdom Come happen in Herrick Auditorium to provide more space to spread out. 

Kerygma is put on by the Student Ministerial Interns, which are the ministry majors on campus. This provides them a great opportunity to speak to their peers and practice leadership within their own community. The night begins with one of the interns welcoming everyone. Then there is a time of worship led by other SNU students. Next, one of the ministry interns preaches and speaks what is on their heart. There is also a time of prayer and another worship song at the end of the service. Then an intern comes back up to close out the service.

Another advantage to the addition of Kerygma is the additional chance to receive a Christian Formation credit! Along with attending chapel in-person or online, Kingdom Come, Solace and Small Groups, Kerygma provides more opportunities to get those credits. However, there is so much more to these opportunities than just receiving credits. They also provide a chance to grow closer to God and to others. They even give us the opportunity to use the gifts that God has given us, such as leading worship or speaking an encouraging message. 

Beau Hamilton, a sophomore Pastoral Ministry major at SNU, is the Student Chaplain on campus, and he leads Kerygma. He schedules the speakers and worship leaders and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. He said, “Kerygma is different from Kingdom Come because it is a chance for students wanting to go into ministry to get some exposure to preaching. Their sermons are sent to churches for better job opportunities after college.” 

Beau explained, “If you are wanting to speak, you should because your name can be sent out to churches for better job opportunities. Also, all students should come just to support each other and help each other grow.” 

Bailey Spindle, a sophomore at SNU, said, “It’s important because it creates an atmosphere of peace, freedom, and it puts everyone on the same level in front of their Creator. It is a space where you can come and feel the presence of Jesus no matter what your week has looked like.” Bailey helped lead worship this past Kerygma, on September 17.