Spiritual Life Retreat 2016 Is Going to Be a Good One

Spiritual Life Retreat 2016 Is Going to Be a Good One

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Amy Calfy, Staff Contributor
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Spiritual Life Retreat is coming up this weekend. It begins Friday night, Feb. 26 and concludes Saturday afternoon, Feb. 27, when students return to campus at around 2 p.m. The retreat will take place at Camp Bond.

This year’s speaker is LaMorris Crawford, the chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengals. Crawford is also scheduled to speak in chapel tomorrow, so students will have an opportunity to hear him speak prior to Spiritual Life Retreat.

Matthew Lawrence, Campus Ministries Executive, heard Crawford speak at NSLC along with the other SGA executives.

“He’s energetic and he’s very outgoing. He knows how to connect with his audience. He’s just a fun guy and I’m excited to have him here,” Lawrence said.

Every year, the speaker at Spiritual Life Retreat usually speaks along a theme. This year, Lawrence left it up to Crawford to decide on the subject he felt led to speak about. The theme for this year’s retreat will be the idea of not robbing other people of your gifts.

“So we all have gifts and sometimes we choose not to use them, and that doesn’t just affect us. It affects other people as well, and I think that’s what he’s going to speak about,” Lawrence said.

The retreat will have two sessions with Crawford speaking. In addition to these sessions, there will also be times for students to play games such as Capture the Flag and board games, and to connect with each other. There will also be a bonfire.

Spiritual Life Retreat is put on by Campus Ministries and is the main spiritually-focused event put on by SGA. Lawrence and the other members of the Campus Ministries Council have been working hard to prepare for this event, in collaboration with Spiritual Development.

They’re eager for SNU students to have the opportunity to hear Crawford speak and be moved by what he has to say.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing how the students connect with him and his message and how it impacts them as a person,” Lawrence said.

This event will also be an excellent chance for students to take a break from their busy academic lives by relaxing with friends and talking to God.

Lawrence believes everyone who can should attend Spiritual Life Retreat.

“It’s going to be the best time of your life,” Lawrence said.

Students interested in going on Spiritual Life Retreat can sign up for it at a table in the Commons.