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In Review: Lights Out

Spoiler free section You know those movies where weird things start happening to kids and no one believes them. Then you’re just so upset about it and, before you know it, the whole family is dead? Lights Out, the upcoming horror movie, has an entirely different way of demonstrating this kind of plot. Put yourself into the shoes of a ... Read More »

Creating Christmas on a Budget

With only two weeks of school remaining after Thanksgiving break, many will long to get into the Christmas spirit. The only problem is: we are broke college students. You may be wondering if it is possible to turn your dorm from blah to festive in such short time with little cost, but do not fear; it can happen. Many nearby ... Read More »

Baker’s guide to Christmas lights

By Baker Pitts Is it really Christmas without long strings of multi-colored light adorning every available surface? Most people would say no, and to that end this article will serve as a quick guide on the best places to see Christmas lights around the Bethany area. Now, the most obvious place to go to see Christmas lights is our very ... Read More »