Tattoos at SNU

Tattoos at SNU

Tattoos have long been scrutinized and, in some instances, called a waste of money and time. But in my opinion, tattoos are so much more. Tattoos can be very special and meaningful or have a purpose to the person who gets them. You’ll see people with tattoos that relate to their faith or ones that are inspired by an event in their life. Tattoos tell a story of what the person with them has experienced without you having to talk to them. 

Here at SNU you might see people like Pierson Bell who have many tattoos and who encourage other people to also get tattoos. Bell, who has five tattoos, said: 

“Anytime anyone asks me if they should get a tattoo, I always tell them to go for it!  I believe that tattoos are a fantastic way for people to express their beliefs or even just express who they are. I’ve got a range of tattoos with some relating to my faith and some just relating to who I am and where they come from.” 

Bridgette Ross's foot tattoo on grass

If you’ve seen Bell on campus, then you’ll know just how experienced he is with tattoos, and if you ever need questions, he said, “I’m always down to answer tattoo questions.” 

Bridgette Ross said this about her tattoo: “My tattoo is a reminder for me to walk with peace wherever I go. I for sure recommend other people to get tattoos if they are thinking about it!”

If you are ever thinking about getting a tattoo, then don’t feel afraid to ask around and always keep in mind it means what you want it to mean. No one else is living with it but you, so make it yours. I can tell you from personal experience with two tattoos of my own that it’s an unforgettable memory. 

(Photos courtesy of Gabriel Laroche on Unsplash, Josh Williams and Bridgette Ross)