Theme Housing at SNU

Theme Housing at SNU

Do you want to serve the OKC community? Do you love working and mentoring kids? Do you want to live in community with like-minded, spirit-filled servants on campus? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then SNU’s Theme Housing is for you. Applications are due Friday, March 15th at 5pm. The link can be found in your weekly storm forecast.

Theme Housing is a place for students to get plugged into the community around them and to develop meaningful relationships with their peers. Each of the four houses partners with a non-profit after-school program in the great OKC area. Each house member must volunteer for at least 2 hours a week at their respective programs.

Resident Director for Theme Housing, Davis Hodam, expressed that “… it is an opportunity for our students to live together in community and then be able to go out in the community for the glory of God.” He went on further to say, “We want [students] to serve and make a difference in local organizations or churches to better the world.”

For Hodam, his goal to assist the students in ways that they need and make sure that their living experience and serving experience can be one beneficial, not only for the students on campus but also for off-campus students, Hodam saying, “We want the students to be able to come back to their house to reflect and share their experiences so they can build each other up and support each other.”

When asked about her living experience this year, sophomore Lauren Anderson said, “Even when there were stressful moments, there was someone there to pick you right back up.” She continued saying that one of the best parts of living in Theme Housing is “being able to live with the other girls and seeing how they’ve grown this year in so many different ways.”

She expressed her love for volunteering this year, saying, “It has really pushed me out of my comfort zone because I haven’t really done anything like it.” Lauren plans to live again for a second year in Theme Housing.

Theme Housing allows students to mentor local kids that live in underprivileged communities. The kids that theme housing serves are kids that need consistent people in their lives to pour into them. This might mean helping them with homework, playing games, sharing Jesus or just listening to them when they’ve had a hard day. If you want to make a real impact in your local community, then sign up for Theme Housing today.

(Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash)