Track and field storm National qualifications

Kentrell Miller. (Photo by David Noblett)

By Kendra Nixon, Content Editor

The Crimson Storm track and field team refuses to go unnoticed as it enters their first year in the NCCAA. The team is currently in the midst of their indoor season and so far they have qualified 35 times in 18 different events. It only took senior Jamie Hope one meet to hit her qualifying mark for high jump. She’s currently ranked 5th and hopes to finish in the top three.

Sprint Coach Derek Lane has made sure to prepare his team to compete at nationals this year.

“We’re sticking to our base the way we’ve done all fall,” Lane said. “We’re doing a lot of volume, not really fast pace, but a lot of volume on the track.”

The team has had four indoor meets so far and each meet has been full of qualifiers. The men’s 4×400 relay team qualified early in the season at the MSSU Early Bird Open in Joplin, Missouri with a time of 3:21.39. The team consists of Korey Eakers, Rilwan Jimoh, Kentrell Miller and Sterling Wright and are currently ranked number one for the national meet.

Jimoh, one of the relay members, has also qualified for the 60-meter dash, the 200-meter open, and the 400-meter open.

“I’ve been working hard, practicing hard, trying to keep in shape and not lose any momentum,” Jimoh said.

He is currently ranked 7th in the 400 and is expected to do well in his other events. When asked if he has confidence that he will live up to his expectations, he responded, “Of course, of course, of course.”

The track team begins to prepare for their season long before the meets begin. They start their training towards the end of the fall semester and are expected to pick up where they leave off once they return in the spring. Their winter breaks consist of keeping in shape in hopes of qualifying for nationals. This year’s team has done just that.

“Everyone has good attitudes and they’re working hard,” Lane said. “That’s’ the same thing we’ve done every year and kids have bought into it and they’re doing a good job preparing for nationals.”

This year’s National indoor meet takes place February 15th and 16th in Marion, Indiana at Indiana Wesleyan University. A complete list of those who have qualified can be found at