What to Expect at Homecoming this Year

What to Expect at Homecoming this Year

Homecoming 2020 is just a couple months away, and like many things this year, it will be a bit different. In light of social distancing and with everyone’s safety in mind, most events will be virtual. That means homecoming’s best friend this year is Zoom, as most events have been altered to take place over the platform.

As always, homecoming will take place during the first week of November. Most events on Friday, November 6th, will be for current students at Southern Nazarene University (SNU). Since SNU sports are currently postponed, new events are in the works to bring everyone together. When asked what she’s most excited about during homecoming this year, Ashleigh White, a junior at SNU said, “I’m most excited for the school’s events and being in community with everyone.”

One of those events that could possibly land a spot on the schedule is a Crimson Storm Parade. There are hopes various programs at SNU will have the chance to build floats for the parade, and everyone can join in and celebrate. Another possible event is a concert on Friday by a popular Christian artist. Also, many of the annual events will still take place, like the Coronation Chapel service, the Storm Block Party, and the bonfire at the end of the night. 

Todd Brant, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, stated this in regard to planning Homecoming this year, “We want students to have the opportunity to celebrate even though it’s a unique year. Our desire is that everyone feels a sense of connection.”

On Saturday, November 7th, there will be events for this year’s alumni groups to enjoy. Contrary to previous years, events will be held over Zoom this year. However, this is a blessing in disguise because the online platform will give those who may live far from SNU, like the out-of-state and international alums, a chance to experience Homecoming.

When asked about the online alumni events this year, Todd Brant said, “We have seven alumni reunion gatherings that are meeting from 1970-2020, and these classes will be afforded the opportunity to connect from the comfort of home. This change indeed opens up new doors that we may never have had if we weren’t forced into this box.”

Although 2020 has come with many hardships and has been no stranger to cancellations, it’s comforting to know we will have some normalcy with homecoming this November. It’s great to still have the opportunity to safely come together and celebrate the school many of us have called home.