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The Impact of NSI Mentors

One of the first events you must participate when you enter college is orientation. This is needed for multiple reasons, but the most important is to help new students adjust to their new surroundings. It helps smooth that transition period for many students entering into college. The New Student Institute (NSI) is a five-day orientation program here at SNU. New ... Read More »

How Not to Heartpal

Some of you might have mild social anxiety. I envy you. Walking into a crowded room with where everyone has their outfit on “fleek” makes me feel like I’m covered in bubble wrap. One wrong move and the whole room will be saying “What was that?” just like Regina George (shoutout to “Mean Girls”). So, in light of that, I ... Read More »

What is Winter, Anyway?

Prior to moving to the Midwest, I did not understand the difference between winter and the five degree temperature drop I experienced in California during the Christmas season. Because of my misunderstanding of what people meant by winter, I have been beaten down for three straight years. Here are some of the highlights: 1. Hearing from my mechanic that I ... Read More »

The Boys of Fall

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. Fall is here which means bonfires, flannels and hot chocolate; but that’s not all. Here at SNU, it means something else: intramural flag football. Easily the most anticipated sport of all intramural sports offered, over 110 students (both guys and girls) have signed up for this year’s competition to see who ... Read More »