Food talks: What your diet says about you

Summer Howard, Staff Writer    Have you ever felt terrible while eating a hamburger next to your vegetarian friend who is munching on a salad? Don’t put yourself down; like many other things in our world, what we eat can be shaped by our personalities and our upbringings. But what exactly does our diet say about us? Read More »

The 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Amy Calfy, Guest Writer   Over 30 students from Southern Nazarene University presented their original research at the 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium last week.  The 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was hosted on Friday, April 4th at Southern Nazarene University. Proposal submissions were accepted in early March. The symposium is open to not only SNU students but also to students from ... Read More »

SNU Tennis starting out strong

Carlos Font, Staff Writer     The 2014 tennis season has started and the team has had a really good start. As of March 24, the girls have an overall 4-2 record and 2-1 in conference play. The team is composed of six girls: Masha Andrianov, Haley Cantwell, Karina Katova, Natalia Moreno, Marina Shipilova and Bekah Stewart. The team is coached by ... Read More »

Teaching in South Korea

Stephany Reyes, Staff Writer    Teaching abroad is one of those opportunities that is available to most students. However, very few graduates actually take the time to look into it and recognize all that this job option has to offer. There are several former SNU students who have gone into South Korea to teach English. This is a paid position and, ... Read More »

From disgust to fanaticism: A zombie love story

Ronna Fisher, Editor-in-Chief    I never would have considered myself a zombie person. Sparkly vampires? Sure. Werewolves? Yeah, whatevs. Unicorns, fairies and mermaids? Sign me up. Zombies? No. Way.  So, I waved off my first few experiences with fans of The Walking Dead; I knew it just wasn’t for me. At least, I thought I knew. Read More »

Oklahoma City Airpark development and activities

James Tunnell, Staff Writer    Last year the Echo ran an article about the evolution of the OKC Airpark, located just south of I-40 on Western. The article talked about how the space on the north side of the property promised to become the premier location for upper to mid range size musical acts (think bigger than the Diamond Ballroom, but ... Read More »

The power of exercising: Why exercising is good for you

Summer Howard, Staff Writer    Do you ever feel exhausted or depressed? Do you constantly feel like you need to lose weight? Most college students would answer yes to both of these questions, considering that as young adults with newfound freedom, we tend to lack the discipline to get enough sleep and eat right. If you don’t already exercise, however, you ... Read More »

How to avoid distractions

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    Distractions are everywhere, and they have a bad habit of showing their faces at the worst times possible. If they do not show up while studying for a big test, then they will more than likely magically appear when taking said test. Either way, distractions are a big factor of college life and learning how to ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Iron Starr Barbeque

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    Like always, I try to take suggestions for restaurants to visit, rather than just hoping to stumble across them at random. Multiple people have mentioned Iron Starr to me, but I decided to go when beloved professor Dr. Mark Reighard related how amazing the food was. Of course I would have to try it if an ... Read More »

How not to be an adult after graduation

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    There are seven weeks left until graduation. Seven weeks until some of us seniors are considered adults in the eyes of society and the old people at church. I will be out on my own, without the responsibility that comes with this student role. What am I going to do with my life? Read More »

SNU President leaves legacy with high hopes

Patty Juliuson, Guest Writer    In a move that stunned the SNU community, President Loren Gresham announced today that he will resign his position immediately in order to join the Senior Professional Golfers Association Tour.    Gresham, who has served in a variety of faculty and staff positions since joining the university in 1920, cited his “killer backswing” and “rockin’ putt” as ... Read More »

Blade Runner on trial

Katelyn Lamb, Content Editor    Oscar Pistorius, affectionately dubbed Blade Runner by fans, has long made waves in the sports world as the first amputee runner to compete at an Olympic Games in addition to participating in numerous Paralympic games. The South African runner has won six gold medals as a paralympian, set and broken world records in track and ... Read More »

Love in action: Rahab’s Rope

Celeste Forrest, Staff Writer   You are a 12 year old girl living in one of the poorest ghettos in India. Your family barely has enough money to purchase food, let alone send you to school. One day, a man comes by and talks to your parents and offers you a job as a maid. This job, he says, will give ... Read More »