SNU teams take first and third place in regional competition

  Staff Writer     Two teams from the Southern Nazarene University math department participated in the annual Texas Oklahoma Research Undergraduate Symposium (TORUS) conference and Math Jeopardy contest at Cameron University in Lawton on February 22, 2014.     Three students, Mary Jo Galbraith, Anderson Depee and Jeremy Acre, gave talks on their research conducted during the last year at SNU. One SNU ... Read More »

Prehistoric legends: Well, I hope all of you are happy now

Jim Wilcox, Guest Columnist     As it is now officially spring, I suppose all you young’uns are screaming for joy.     “Oh, it’s so lovely today. Let’s throw a Frisbee outside. Go get Jake and Bailey.”      “I’m pumped about packing away my long johns and grabbing my shorts, dockers and sleeveless jerseys I got on Amazon.” ... Read More »

Top 5 must see shows of 2014

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer  As a general rule, people love being entertained. One very popular mode of entertainment is television. Now, we have movies and we have television shows. For some reason, TV shows seem much more popular these days, either because of the insane prices of attending movie theaters or the fact that we love something so easily accessed ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Grade A food from Tai Pei

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    For most styles of food, there are people who love it, people who hate it and people who think it’s just alright. Chinese food does not usually leave room for this moderate middle category. I find that people either love or hate Chinese food. There are some exceptions, but these cases are few and far between. ... Read More »

The good, the bad and the faithless

Staff Writer     The second law of thermodynamics says that all natural processes tend to go from order to disorder, and can only be reversed under very special circumstances. That means it’s easier to drop your standards than to raise them. It’s also easier for a bad influence to pull someone down than for a good one to raise another up. ... Read More »

SOS Venezuela: A fight for human rights

Carlos Font, Staff Writer    “Mom I went to fight for Venezuela, if I don’t come back, I left with her.”    What has been going on in Venezuela the past month? According to Andreina Nash millions of college students took action on February 12, 2014, the day of the youth in Venezuela, and protested because of the social-economic crisis that the ... Read More »

Power Puff: Dynamics of power in gender imitation

Katelyn Lamb, Content Editor    Each year, SNU proudly opens its fields for a student-government sponsored event called Powder Puff. You are probably familiar with this game, but, in case you’re not, here’s a general overview. Girls are paired off by grade (Freshman/Junior versus Sophomore/Senior) into two teams. The teams then compete in a gentler version of football while wearing trendy ... Read More »

Oklahoma City brings new “Energy” to town

Saydi Dowd, Staff Writer    We’ve got Thunder basketball, Barons hockey and Redhawks baseball. Now, Oklahoma City has welcomed a brand new addition to the list of sports teams that get to call the 405 home. The Oklahoma City Energy FC is an American professional soccer team in the United Soccer Leagues’ Professional Division (USL PRO) and has recently moved to ... Read More »

McNair scholars share research at conferences

Grace Williams, Business & Social Media Manager    SNU students in The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair scholars) were given the opportunity to attend three conferences so far this year.    In late september, Ronna Fisher, Laura Mino, Terra Frederick, Esther Edington, Trey Polk and Roderick Wright went to the Ronald E. McNair conference in Kansas City, Missouri. These students ... Read More »

In review: Atlas by Real Estate

James Tunnel, Staff Writer    With their third full length album release, Real Estate has firmly cemented their place in the current music scene as one of the most consistently great acts around. Following 2010’s excellent album “Days”, “Atlas” finds Real Estate in new, yet familiar territory. They still have the same lackadaisical, surfy vibe to their music. However, where their previous ... Read More »