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What I Learned From The ECHO

I started out this year believing I would be much more involved on campus and turning in my assignments days before they were due. None of which has really, at least to the extent I hoped for, happened. I am a bit more involved on campus and I turn in some of my assignments at least 30 minutes before they ... Read More »

The Lack of Diversity at SNU

EDITORIAL NOTE: In light of recent events and discussions on campus related to diversity, The ECHO staff invited opinion pieces related to diversity. While the views contained in this opinion piece do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The ECHO staff, we do believe it is important that to further promote conversations in this area that we provide a forum ... Read More »

Are Minorities Underrepresented at SGA Events?

Every week the Student Government Association (SGA) spends a lot of time planning events for the SNU students. Rarely a weekend goes by that there is not a SGA event going on. But have you asked yourself if these events appeal to the entire campus, in particular the minority student population? My interest in writing this article did not just ... Read More »