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In Review: This Is Us

Is “This is Us” just another sitcom with hundreds of one liners, or is it a soap opera too dramatic to deal with? This is the show that is enlightening the stigmas of American culture without being cheap or provocative. The recent problem in American T.V. is the void of reality. From sci-fi to crime dramas and even our reality ... Read More »

Obsessed with Superheroes

The superhero genre in the past decade has dominated nearly every revenue source coming out of Hollywood. Almost everywhere one goes he/she is sure to see either a poster, shirt, phone case or hat with a Batman, Superman, Captain America or Avengers symbol on it. So, how did this explosion of tight-wearing heroes start? Well, one must first take a ... Read More »

Top 5 must see shows of 2014

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer  As a general rule, people love being entertained. One very popular mode of entertainment is television. Now, we have movies and we have television shows. For some reason, TV shows seem much more popular these days, either because of the insane prices of attending movie theaters or the fact that we love something so easily accessed ... Read More »

Golden Globes 2014

Staff Reporter The Golden Globe Awards were held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 12th, 2014 to recognize achievements in the entertainment industry. This year’s show did better than the last, according to Brian Stelter from CNN, who said that “More than 20 million people watched the Golden Globes” (Stelter). This is the highest total audience for the awards ... Read More »