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What I Learned From The ECHO

I started out this year believing I would be much more involved on campus and turning in my assignments days before they were due. None of which has really, at least to the extent I hoped for, happened. I am a bit more involved on campus and I turn in some of my assignments at least 30 minutes before they ... Read More »

College Rules: Why College Football is Better than Pro

It’s fall again, which means changing leaves, pumpkin everything and our lives are being surrounded by a single sport: football. I love everything about this sport: the players, the locations, the traditions and the unexpected things that happens every year. During autumn weekends, football owns each of the three days, high school on Fridays, college on Saturdays and professional on ... Read More »

Where does your money go?

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-chief Students pay for a variety of things each semester, such as tuition, room, board, books, the general health fee, and more. Yet, the university receives revenue from other areas and has expenses that students may not be aware of. To help students better understand where their money goes, Dr. Scott Strawn, vice president for business and ... Read More »