The Passion of the Graphic Design Department at SNU

The Passion of the Graphic Design Department at SNU

Design is a large portion of what we see in the world around us. There are many different styles of design and how they fit into our daily lives. Some students at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) have been able to find their purpose through art and design.

Third-year design major Hailee Thompson shared what design means to her and what she plans to do with it in her future. She said, “My goal with design is to create art and pieces of work that evoke emotion and bring change.” Design is all up for interpretation and how different creative styles can be personified in their work. She wants to be able to express her ideas using art and hopefully later in her design field. Hailee also says, “I really wanted to major in design because I love being creative, but also a mix of structure in that.” 

Design is not just art, but a way of life. Riley McGrath who is also a design major speaks on what her plans are like after graduation, “I am hopefully going to work for a design firm, or maybe I would like to go into freelancing.” Design can take you many places, but finding a place where her creative style is valued is where it can become challenging. 

Companies are always looking for newness and a fresh take on simple ideas, and design majors are looking for that one place that allows them to excel in their uniqueness. Artistry can become challenging. Thompson said, “Design has challenged me and my skills so much; it requires strategy and purpose which can be really difficult. It has shown me how to create outside of my comfort zone and make the client thrilled with the end result.”

Graduation is slowly but surely approaching these women, and they have found that figuring out what their plans are can be scary. However, the most important part of their major is to flourish in their talent. McGrath discussed how being an artist has changed her, saying, “Being a form of an artist has helped me view things objectively and find beauty in things you may not find beautiful at first.” 

There are thousands of opportunities for artists beyond college, and students at SNU are looking for just that. McGrath and Thompson have been able to express their talents in their studies and art, and they hope that one day their talents can be taken to the next level. 

(Photo by Krisztian Tabori on Unsplash)