Diversity or Discrimination?

EDITORIAL NOTE: In light of recent events and discussions on campus related to diversity, The ECHO staff invited opinion pieces related to diversity. While the views contained in this opinion piece do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The ECHO staff, we do believe it is important that to further promote conversations in this area that we provide a forum ... Read More »

Five Foreign Films for the Movie Snob

Whether you’re a casual watcher of movies, or a self-proclaimed movie snob, there is a certain level of commitment that it takes to watch a foreign film, especially one that is not in your native language. These are not movies that you can simply put on in the background and casually pay attention to. If you’re going to make the ... Read More »

Tips for Finding a Good Roommate

April has arrived, and now it’s time to find a roommate for next year. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who has already found your perfect partner. You’re set to coast through the next few years with the same roommate. For others, unfortunately, April and housing sign ups means needing to start the search anew. Housing sign ups are ... Read More »

D.C.’s Cinematic Future in the Wake of Superhero Fatigue

Two weekends ago, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released into theaters, marking the next major step in the launching of D.C’s cinematic universe. D.C. has many more movies lined up for the next few years, including movies about solo-heroes and group ones as they look to form the Justice League to rival “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Whether one favors ... Read More »

Focus More Easily: Music Suggestions for Studying

It’s a habit I fall into time and time again: I sit down to write an essay but get caught up listening to the lyrics of a new album. Despite the meaning that words can add to a song, they can be distracting when one is studying or writing. For the assistance of my classmates, I wish to share three ... Read More »

Apathy Among University Students

It seems that in most things, college campuses are plagued by apathy. For a while now I’ve wondered just what it would take to mobilize fellow students in and out of the classroom about politics or injustice. But what makes students apathetic? Is it the heavy workload, increased stress, being extremely exhausted all the time or the combination of it ... Read More »

The Origins of Easter and Its Traditions

Most people in America celebrate Easter with a church service, an easter egg hunt and dyeing eggs pastel colors. However, since the holiday’s name and all the secular traditions associated with Easter are products of its pagan origins, many countries around the world celebrate it in a unique way. There are many people who believe that Easter’s pagan origins center ... Read More »

Old Movies That Are Great for Relaxing

We all know the feeling: you finally get a few hours to yourself, but you can’t catch up on sleep or go anywhere. Or, if homework is in the way, you want something you don’t necessarily have to pay attention to in order to fully understand. So, you decide to find a movie that will make you laugh or relax. ... Read More »

So You Want to Play the Ukelele

If you have tried with little success to learn to play the guitar or another stringed instrument, the ukulele may be for you. This four-stringed fun factory is quick and easy to learn, but before you rush out to buy your first ukulele there are few things that you should know. The most important thing is that they come in ... Read More »

SNU Severe Weather Guidelines and Helpful Tips

Severe weather season is coming upon us, and with that comes much needed preparation. Whether you have lived in tornado alley your whole life, or you have grown up out of the country, it’s a necessity to have a plan for when bad weather hits. Here are some guidelines Southern Nazarene University has provided for the students and faculty. Important ... Read More »

How Not to Heartpal

Some of you might have mild social anxiety. I envy you. Walking into a crowded room with where everyone has their outfit on “fleek” makes me feel like I’m covered in bubble wrap. One wrong move and the whole room will be saying “What was that?” just like Regina George (shoutout to “Mean Girls”). So, in light of that, I ... Read More »

Why We Should Strive to End Black History Month

There are many reasons why we should strive to end Black History Month. Why? Because only then will there finally be equality in our society. Until equal representation and integration of Black history is part of America’s history, the end goal of this movement will not be achieved. Black History Month first came about in 1926 when Dr. Carter G. ... Read More »

What Happens When You Are “Too Nice”

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the favors you promised? Or by the favors you were forced into? Well fear not, I have as well! I often find myself doing too many favors for others or not being assertive enough in my decisions. This can be extremely problematic when you are entering into adulthood. You have to be ... Read More »

Braving the World Outside Your Comfort Zone

How much do you love your comfort zone? My comfort zone is my favorite place in the world. It’s where I feel safe, where I know everything that could possibly happen. There’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone; there’s not even anything wrong with wanting to be in it. However, there are times when a comfort zone becomes a ... Read More »

How to Develop and Maintain an Interest in Politics

With the Iowa caucuses today and the national elections quickly approaching, it is important to get to know just who might be running the country. As college students, additional reading doesn’t ever sound appealing, but being politically informed is still important. Here are some tips on how to stay informed and engaged with the political happenings around you: 1. Find ... Read More »