Much Ado About Cell Phones

We all do it. We reply to texts, check emails, watch vines, reblog photos and even shop from our phones while we’re in class. If we’re not on our phone, we’re using our laptop. If we’re not using our laptop, we’re checking our watch. Is it wrong to do this? Is it right? Is it inevitable? Is it a sickness ... Read More »

The History of the Gatorade Shower

In 2015, Disney and Pixar released a wonderful film simply known as “Inside Out.” This charming movie went inside a human mind to see the five main emotions. If someone has ever played any organized sport, they know very well that those emotions run rampant through any sport. Anger appears when something does not go the way you want it ... Read More »

Terrorism Has No Religion

The difference between Islam and Islamism seems to be confusing, especially in times where the words “terrorist” or “shooter” often correlate with the Muslim community. In fact the word “Muslims” now has such a negative denotation, many are having trouble seeing past the hijab. My next door neighbor Meriam, who wishes not to publicize her last name, can attest to ... Read More »

Movie Talk: The Hype of Movies Before Release

With the release of the new “Star Wars” movie coming later this month, many movie fans are talking up a storm about conspiracy theories, attempting to reveal the movie’s plot. Marshall Jones interviews a couple of movie fans from around Southern Nazarene University to attempt to answer the question of whether or not pre-movie discussions ruin the overall movie experience. Read More »

Starting the Big Conversations

It can be argued that the student body has a responsibility to speak up against what we believe is wrong. In some situations, it may not be our place to speak. In others, we are but lazy, indifferent or unintelligent if we do not speak. In my time at Southern Nazarene University, a few things have happened that are worthy ... Read More »

Nutrition Discipline in Sports at SNU

With the push forward to the GAC division II conference, SNU is making its best effort to help its student athletes succeed. With major improvement including a new turf field for the football team and a new press box for the baseball team, it is obvious the university is in the right direction. The success of the athletics at the ... Read More »

When Joking Becomes Rude

When someone makes a witty or cruel joke, the reaction of others can be more important than the person’s feelings. Whether they know it or not, saying hurtful things in a joking matter doesn’t always come off as funny. The moment when joking is confused with being rude, it’s hard to understand where the line is with others. Growing up ... Read More »

How to Survive Your 8 a.m.

Having your first 8 a.m. class on your schedule can be very daunting and intimidating at first. Even if you’re a war-hardened veteran upperclassman with multiple 8 a.m.’s under your belt, there are always tips and tricks you can learn along the way to make those early classes more bearable. #1 Set Multiple Alarms in the Morning You obviously will ... Read More »

Creating Christmas on a Budget

With only two weeks of school remaining after Thanksgiving break, many will long to get into the Christmas spirit. The only problem is: we are broke college students. You may be wondering if it is possible to turn your dorm from blah to festive in such short time with little cost, but do not fear; it can happen. Many nearby ... Read More »

The Two Laws of Instagram

Similar to Einstein’s theory of relativity, there are certain principles and laws at work with any successful Instagram account. We all have experienced the overwhelming sense of bitterness and jealousy upon meeting someone who has more followers than you. It is a clear and obvious fact that your identity and value as a person is completely wrapped up in how ... Read More »

The Immigration Debate Through Song

There are few things that can stick in our mind like a haunting melody accompanied by lyrics that pierce right to our soul. When singers and songwriters sing about controversial issues, their music has a way of transcending time and speaking to a multitude of generations. The immigration debate in America is one of these issues. There are songs that ... Read More »

Respect for the Campus and Community

Many of us college students in our late teens and early 20s feel as if we do not have older generations’ respect. After recent events on campus, I regret to admit that I now know the reason why. Many of us here at SNU just want to have some fun at times; after all, the stress of balancing homework, a ... Read More »

Short-Order Poems: Why Do We Need Poetry?

For a few weeks now, bright orange posters have proclaimed from their posts around campus that Short-Order Poems are coming our way on Nov. 23 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the coffee shop. If you have been by an H and 8th event in downtown Oklahoma City, you may have seen a few people seated at a table ... Read More »

Best Places to Hike in Oklahoma

Here at SNU, Oklahoma often gets a bad rap for those a little more adventurous at heart for having nothing to do outside. In other words, people think that there are no mountains to climb, trails to hike or beautiful sights to see. The truth be told, there’s actually plenty to do outside; you just have to look for it. ... Read More »