The Two Laws of Instagram

Similar to Einstein’s theory of relativity, there are certain principles and laws at work with any successful Instagram account. We all have experienced the overwhelming sense of bitterness and jealousy upon meeting someone who has more followers than you. It is a clear and obvious fact that your identity and value as a person is completely wrapped up in how ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Noelia Gomez

Noelia Gomez is a sophomore tennis player majoring in International Studies with a business emphasis and a minor in Spanish. She calls Canet de Mar, a small town that is close to the ever so popular Barcelona, Spain, her home. Asking about what she most enjoyed about SNU so far, Gomez responded, “What I enjoy the most about SNU is ... Read More »

The Immigration Debate Through Song

There are few things that can stick in our mind like a haunting melody accompanied by lyrics that pierce right to our soul. When singers and songwriters sing about controversial issues, their music has a way of transcending time and speaking to a multitude of generations. The immigration debate in America is one of these issues. There are songs that ... Read More »

Respect for the Campus and Community

Many of us college students in our late teens and early 20s feel as if we do not have older generations’ respect. After recent events on campus, I regret to admit that I now know the reason why. Many of us here at SNU just want to have some fun at times; after all, the stress of balancing homework, a ... Read More »

Winter Movie Preview 2015

It is the best time of year again. Turkey will soon be on the table, football rules our weekends and Christmas bells will soon be ringing far and wide. However, there is one other thing that has the holidays written all over them: winter movies. All types of movies are on their way. Comedies, holiday movies, Oscar bait films and ... Read More »

Short-Order Poems: Why Do We Need Poetry?

For a few weeks now, bright orange posters have proclaimed from their posts around campus that Short-Order Poems are coming our way on Nov. 23 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the coffee shop. If you have been by an H and 8th event in downtown Oklahoma City, you may have seen a few people seated at a table ... Read More »

Baseball Team Competes in “Steak Series”

The Southern Nazarene baseball team is currently competing in the Fall Steak Series.  Coach Robert Lee explained that each Fall, two captains are selected who draft teams for the SNU roster and compete against each other in a three game series.  The winning team in the series gets a steak dinner prepared by the coaches while the losing team eats ... Read More »

Growing to Glory: No Shave November

Every November countless people begin the age old tradition of giving up on shaving and letting it grow. Southern Nazarene University is no exception to this tradition. For the last couple of years, No Shave November has seen some fierce on campus competition as the battle of the hairs is waged. SGA encourages this contest by not only telling others ... Read More »

Homecoming Schedule

It’s time for homecoming, and between the Student Government Association and the athletic department’s events, here is your guide to where you’ll want to be. Howdy Homecoming takes place Thursday, November 5, at 8 p.m. at Chester’s Party Barn. For directions visit and click on the Howdy Homecoming poster. This event will include two stepping, a petting zoo, bonfire, ... Read More »

Best Places to Hike in Oklahoma

Here at SNU, Oklahoma often gets a bad rap for those a little more adventurous at heart for having nothing to do outside. In other words, people think that there are no mountains to climb, trails to hike or beautiful sights to see. The truth be told, there’s actually plenty to do outside; you just have to look for it. ... Read More »

Short Novels to Read in Your Spare Time

Do you have some free time between writing essays and working on projects? Here is a look at twenty short novels you can get lost in when you have some time to spare. “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton-This book is one of the most beloved classics. Young teens living in Oklahoma experience their own kind of troubles. It is greasers ... Read More »

Water4 House Presents “The Drought”

The Water4 house is hosting its first haunted house this weekend. “The Drought” Haunted House will be open Oct. 30th-31st at SNU Imel Townhouse from 8-11p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door and $5 with two cans of nonperishable food items. It will be two fun, spooky nights with games, activities and snacks. The address is 6716 NW 43rd St, ... Read More »

5 Movies From The ’80s That Are So Bad They Are Good

I have to admit that I am a lover of “good” bad movies. A “good” bad movie is so bad and clichéd that despite taking itself seriously, it is still entertaining. The 1980’s was a great time for this genre and here are 5 of my favorites. 5. “Electric Dreams” – This movie tackles one of the great recurring themes ... Read More »

Multicultural Fright Fest

Halloween is one of the largest holidays of the American calendar. Children go trick or treating, people dress up in costumes, and you can’t walk 10 feet without running into a carved pumpkin or cheap ghost figurine that was on the discount rack at Walmart. However, Halloween is also celebrated around the world among different cultures, each in their own ... Read More »