Exploring the New SNU Bookstore

The new semester begins and brings with it exciting new changes. One of the biggest changes to campus life is the SNU campus bookstore, which this past summer was given a complete makeover. The university has partnered with Tree of Life Bookstores to provide a greater discount to students. Although returning students may know about this change, new students may ... Read More »

A Final Edit: Remembering Prof. Wilcox

I just returned from the memorial service for my colleague, my mentor and my friend, Jim Wilcox.  After listening to so many eloquent words and so many funny stories, I’m hesitant to add my inadequate voice to the chorus that honored this one-of-a-kind man.  But in the back of my head I hear a familiar prodding from Jim himself saying, ... Read More »

SNU Students Help Clean Up Litter

Carl Everett sat down with sophomore Mass Communications major Marshall Jones and junior Mass Communications major Noah McKinney to discuss the making of their video project for the End Littering Contest through the nonprofit organization Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. They also expressed hope that they brought awareness to the problem of littering in Oklahoma through this project. The photo above is ... Read More »

SNU Obtains Space Grant

Press release provided by Dr. Gwen Hackler and Dr. Nicholas Zoller. Southern Nazarene University (SNU) is pleased to announce the receipt of a $150,000 award through the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) partnership, for participation in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Grant Program. As one of four university institutional affiliates, SNU received the three-year grant to provide ... Read More »

SNU Grad Saves Life

It was a little over a year and a half ago when filmmaker Austin Patterson committed to join a registry of people who wanted to be marrow donors. He signed up, got his mouth swabbed, and was on the registry all in a matter of about five minutes. Simply taking five minutes to do this would save one man’s life. ... Read More »

A Historical Analysis of Diversity at SNU

In the last year and a half, college campuses across the United States have started to address what can be done to mend the racial divide. Now, the conversation has made it to our beloved SNU. In an attempt to better understand what diversity has looked like at SNU and the Nazarene Church throughout the years, I went to Corbin ... Read More »

The Importance of Fitness and Nutrition

Most college students, unless they are seeking a science degree or in athletics, do not know much about fitness and nutrition. To find out more about why fitness and nutrition is important, I sat down with Professor Lee, a Health and Wellness instructor here at SNU, and my personal trainer from high school, James Davis, who was a strength and ... Read More »

How Will You Get Your Books Next Year?

It is always hard to figure out the total expenses of college. There are so many things to consider. However, it is almost inevitable that one of the biggest expenses of college is books. Now there are some ways you can cut this cost down. You can share a book with your friend, rent, buy used, or (probably not the ... Read More »

Water4 Plans Trip to Africa

The Water4 house among others in support will be traveling to Africa this May to bring supplies needed to build a water well for a village in Kenya. This experience will allow some of the students of the Water4 house to experience first hand a village getting access to clean water for the first time. The group going looks to ... Read More »

The Impact of NSI Mentors

One of the first events you must participate when you enter college is orientation. This is needed for multiple reasons, but the most important is to help new students adjust to their new surroundings. It helps smooth that transition period for many students entering into college. The New Student Institute (NSI) is a five-day orientation program here at SNU. New ... Read More »

Human Rights Awareness Week to Focus on Fighting Human Trafficking

Every year the Student Government Association (SGA) chooses a cause to focus on, with that focus culminating in Human Rights Awareness Week (HRAW). HRAW is a week on campus where the students, faculty and staff can take the time to gain information on and contribute to helping end tragedies that are affecting the world. This year, SGA is partnering with ... Read More »

.5k Run Promises 1636.8 Feet of Fun and Fury

It’s time to lace up your sneakers, slide on your slippers and clean up your Keens. On Saturday, April 16, at 11:00 a.m., the Student Government Association (SGA) is hosting a .5k run to benefit Rahab’s Rope, an organization dedicated to giving hope and opportunity to girls and women that have been forced into the commercial sex trade in India. ... Read More »

Bollywood at SNU

An exciting event is coming to SNU April 15. The Multicultural Student Network (MSN) organization is hosting “Bollywood Comes to SNU,” a day dedicated to celebrating Indian culture and heritage. There will be traditional food served, henna tattoos and (potentially) traditional dances performed by students. This has been a long-time wish of Jasmine Abraham, as she said, “When I was ... Read More »